Why do I need this?

My pet already has an ID tag.

Great. Think of The Emergency Tag as your trusted backup in case you can't answer your phone: if you're at work, at a movie, on a plane or if something happens to you.

My pet already has a microchip.

Great. We recommend the chip as a backup if your pet's tag is lost. But a chip must be scanned at a vet clinic or shelter. So, it's not a fast or easy way for someone to help your pet.

My pet already has a digital tag.

Not great. What if the person helping your pet doesn't know how to use it? Keep it simple so anyone can help your pet quickly and easily, whether they're tech savvy or not.

She trusts you with all her heart.

Protect her with all of yours.

The Challenge

  1. Grab a pet bowl and eat or drink your favorite food or beverage from it.
    Brand new or one well worn.
    Squeaky clean, of course. 
    With or without utensils.
    With or without a two or four-legged friend.

  2. Let your creativity and imagination run wild.

  3. Capture it on video and share it with the world.
    Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Snapchat, YouTube...Get the word out!

The Mission

To raise awareness that there are millions of loving pets in need and that overpopulation is a huge but solvable problem.

To show people the big and small ways they can help in their neighborhood, their state, their country:

  • How and where to donate funds to do the most good

  • How and where to volunteer

  • The much-needed supplies they can donate to their local animal shelters and rescues

  • The benefits of pet adoption and the places they can go to adopt

  • How to encourage adoption and spay/neuter without ticking off your friends/family

  • How to positively influence legislation that helps pets

Just in case:

(We answer when you can't.)

Lost Pet

If your pet has a basic ID tag with your phone number and you don't answer, the finder will always be able to reach our live operators 24/7 by calling the toll-free number on your pet's Emergency Tag. 

Home Fire

If your pet is rescued from your home and first responders are unable to reach you, they can call our 24/7 helpline. We'll call your backup contacts to let them know your pet needs help. 

Car Accident

If you're involved in a serious car accident with your pet, first responders can call our toll-free number 24/7. We'll call your backup contacts and give them the details of the emergency, including your pet's location. 


If your pet is lost while traveling, The Emergency Tag works anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. If your pet becomes sick or is injured while traveling, you can call the toll-free number on your pet's Emergency Tag for referral to the nearest vet. 


If your pet is found injured and you can't be reached, we can authorize emergency medical treatment on your behalf. This feature is optional and requires that you have a credit card on file in your pet's secure emergency profile.


If there's a disaster, your phone may not work. But our toll-free number on The Emergency Tag always works. Rescuers can call us when they get to a phone outside the disaster area. When you call us, we'll give you the rescuer's information. 

Powered by Help4Pets, Inc.

USA-based, 24/7 Emergency Pet Helpline

Expert. Informed. Ready.

 We answer when you can't:

If you're at work

• If you're at a movie

 If you're on a plane

 If there's a natural disaster

 If something happens to you 


Here's how simple it is:

We ship your pet's tag and membership kit. 

Register tag & create your online pet profile.

Go to TheEmergencyTag.com to register your pet's unique ID number from the back of The Emergency Tag. Tell us everything that's important in case of an emergency: your phone numbers, backup contacts in case you can't be reached, your vet and any special needs your pet may have.



Attach tag to collar. Bingo! You're all set.

Peace of mind


Or your money back. Seriously.

And we stand behind our tag, too.

The Emergency Tag is solid stainless steel with a durable epoxy coating on both sides. If your pet's tag is ever lost or damaged (even if chewed), we'll replace it. Happily. For free.

Annual Membership

ONLY $20

We donate 25% to programs that help pets.

Families with five or more pets: $100 Per Year (Pay for five. The rest are FREE.)​


and Shelters


If you're helping pets, we want to help you.  Check out our lifesaving, fundraising program.

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Meet one of our members and his dad.

Blue is an Australian Cattle Dog who was lost in Los Angeles for three days. He's the kind of dog who won't let a stranger get close enough to read his tag to help him. Watch how the Help4Pets Team helped get Blue home safely.

It's not just a tag.

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