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Driven by a passion to help pets, I was inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to come up with something powerful to help animals in need. The amazing success of that Challenge proved that if you present caring people with a problem, and show them how they can help, they will step up. 

I believe The Dog Bowl Challenge will inspire good people to do the same for pets who desperately need us to step up.

Liz Blackman, Top Dog

Help4Pets, Inc.

The Challenge

  1. Grab a dog bowl and fill it with your favorite food or beverage.  
    A brand new one, or one well worn 
    Squeaky clean, of course 

  2. Now dig in! Let your creativity and imagination run wild.
    With or without utensils
    With or without a four-legged friend

  3. Capture it on video and share it with the world.

The Mission

To raise awareness that there are millions of loving pets in need and that overpopulation is a huge but solvable problem.

To show people the big and small ways they can help in their neighborhood, their state, their country:

  • How and where to adopt a new family member or volunteer to foster

  • How and where to donate funds to do the most good

  • How to donate much-needed supplies to local animal shelters and rescues

  • How and where to volunteer to help pets

  • How to encourage adoption and spay/neuter without annoying your friends

  • How to positively influence legislation that helps pets

Dig in. Together, we can do this.

Bone Appetit!

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Awww, thanks for your support! We'll be in touch soon. BYODB: Bring your own dog bowl.

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